Our Story

Clink Luxury is the lovechild of champagne and candles, literally years in the making, combining the two to bring an in-home experience like no other. I personally needed a non-toxic, long lasting candle that had a distinct aroma that lingered long after the candle was extinguished. I’ve spent a countless amount of money searching for the perfect candle to no avail until finally I decided to create my own. It took years to execute, as I’ve had this idea pre-pandemic, along with months of candle making and scent testing to figure out what pairs well with what. I knew I had to create something that would embody me as an individual and I truly believe Clink Luxury does just that, especially when you add The Perfect Pair giving customers simple yet tasteful cocktail recipes to enjoy while burning their candles.

Using upcycled Veuve Clicquot bottle, I created 4 all-natural soy candles with their own unique scent and cocktail pairing which makes Clink Luxury absolutely perfect! All candles are hand poured using upcycled champagne bottles that are cut in house as well. Using only soy wax free of toxins and parabens and the finest fragrances we could find; we believe our goal of setting ourselves apart from other candle companies has been achieved.

Thank you for allowing me to enter your home and the home of your loved ones through these unique vessels. I hope you enjoy these candles as much as I enjoyed creating them for you. I remember stressing over what to name this child of mine and always saying I want to keep it simple. One day it hit me, what noise does champagne flutes make during a toast? CLINK! Just like that Clink Luxury was born so here’s a toast to us, the champagne sippin, candle burnin’ lovers worldwide

Shayna Farrow